Welcome to Our Company!

A Welcome word from Mr. Joao Duarte de Canha, Chief Executive Officer of Caribbean Interconnect Network Access Point P.L.C. for all the visitors to our website and that we are open for your comments and advise. (CI-NAP B.V.)  has been established on Curaçao by Mr. Joao Duart de Canha who held the office Director of  Bureau Telecommunicate en Post until June 2015.

Mr. J. D. De Canha has over 33 years of experience in telecom and ICT fields including areas such as developing, upgrading, updating and improving existing Internet networks to state of the art networks, while complying with global indicators and standards for quality, capacity, accessibility and service provisioning.
He has also been involved in creating innovative new markets and stimulating the usage of Telecom and ICT instruments in the respective sectors while taking into account the general public and economic interests.
He is an expert in policy and legislation advising effectively on ICT and Telecom issues, deregulation of monopolistic telecom markets and introduction of competition in the liberalized markets while protecting consumer's interests in the liberalized telecom markets.  In his view ICT and Internet are important and instrumental pillars into providing all the important services for the technical and economic development of the respective sectors, thus resulting in economic growth.
Based on his vast experience and his insight into the art of regulating various sectors, he is currently making his experience available to provide assistance for the various players (authorities, companies, institutions, operators and individuals) who deal with issues that pursue efficiency, stimulate use of ICT services, content and innovation.
With his experience in liberalizing and regulating the telecom sector over the years he also brings to bear the principles of regulation and compliance in quality of service and availability, accessibility, continuity, transparency in price setting and affordable and reasonable pricing of connectivity that can be subjected by regulatory rules and regulations and accessibility of internet and ICT services.
Our primary activities are directed in providing useful Internet, ICT services and content for the different countries in the Caribbean Basin, Curacao and the Netherlands and so establishing a centralized ICT Hub /NAP facility in the Southern Caribbean region and the Northern Latin America that provide an alternative Routing for accessing the Global internet from Curacao. Curacao presently has access to 9 submarine fiber optic cables providing large capacity, quality of service, alternative route and redundancy.
We work with vast Network experts local and abroad that have vast knowledge and expertise to offer you result driven solutions of the highest quality and business satisfaction.
Feel free to contact us to inquire for more information about our services.

Who we are

Caribbean Interconnect Network Access Point (CI-NAP P.L.C.) is a legal entity established in Curaçao, providing accessibility to the Global Internet-ICT by means of local and international Telecom Access networks offering services. These services are aimed primarily at the Caribbean and Latin American region intended for upgrading, updating and modernizing their Telecom and Internet networks while providing high quality internet at global standards and provide content services to users in the respective countries.
We offer support and business solutions when implementing internet alternatives that create business opportunities resulting in an accelerated economic development of the country.
The organization CI-NAP P.L.C. offers technical design and configuration of existing and new Internet-ICT and international telecom-infrastructures (subsea fiber-optic cable network and Satellite) to fulfill the internet needs of the respective countries.
The activities of CI-NAP P.L.C. consist of designing, engineering, procurement and construction of local and international Fixed and Wireless Internet networks. We offer capacity, connectivity, access to internet, to ICT services and to internet content.
We also provide ICT services, technology and Engineering and Construction services for setting up ICT-Hubs consisting of data centers and internet exchanges for the region. Also, connectivity in existing and new subsea fiber-optic networks, network access point solution and data center services, fitting the needs for each of our clients in the broadest sense. These services and capacity are configured and provided thru existing or new land- and subsea fiber-optic subsea cables, IXP’s and Data Centers.

Our Organization CI-NAP P.L.C.

Caribbean Interconnect Network Access Point (CI-NAP P.L.C.) is a company established in Curaçao in 2015. Registered at the Chamber of Commerce of Curaçao.
Our organization is headed by Mr. Joao Duart de Canha and supported by professional staff who all have extensive experience in the field of Telecom, Internet, ICT, IXP, and data center and local and international connectivity issues in the above-mentioned fields. We also have wide network of local and international consultants with whom we cooperate.
The firm specializes in the advising, developing and implementing of realistic business solutions for our clients operating in the following sectors: Telecom, ICT, Cyber Security, Renewable Solutions and Business Solutions. CI-NAP’s mission is also applicable for our clients and that they should be able to conduct an efficient operation on all levels resulting in increasing revenues.

Our Objectives of CI-NAP

Our Objectives are in accordance with our vision and mission statement that is to facilitate and execute the installation, the organization and operation of internet infrastructures and provide high quality ICT services; availability of internet content and other applications to the ISP’s and end-users and thus promote the usage of internet/ICT technologies in all sectors of society. This will result in the accelerated development of the economic sector, investments and new opportunities for those countries.
Reason why it is important to make Internet, CDN content and ICT services available, accessible, affordable and reliable to businesses, ISP and end-users.