Providing innovative services across the globe!


Ci-NAP provides a wide range of services comprising the following to its customers:  telcos, long distance telecom operators, mobile communication operators, telecom service providers, mobile communications providers, internet access wholesale providers, Wholesale IP capacity and transit capacity providers, ISP providers, content providers, Government, schools, end-users, businesses and commerce.
The services that CI-NAP P.L.C., provides are advisory, engineering, procurement, construction, operations, maintenance and the use of satellite and subsea fiber-optic cables for telecommunication networks, cable TV networks and data networks in order to establish international connections between Curaçao and other countries in the region. These international connections via Satellite and/or subsea fiber-optic cables will be acquired by buying capacity on exiting subsea fiber-optic cables or new subsea cables.
CI-NAP operates as reseller of capacity, internet and content and as such provides services to telecom operators and internet ISP abroad for connectivity capacity via a vast amount of subsea Fiber optic cable solutions, Peering services at IXP internet exchanges IXP, IP Transit services and access services to all internet CDN.,br/>CI-NAP will establish these international connections in compliance with the local laws and regulations after securing the necessary required licenses and permits between the countries.
These international connections will be used to provide Internet IP capacity and international connectivity to clients in other countries from it’s I-NAP facilities located in- and outside Curaçao.
CI-NAP shall offer to the customers in the interconnected counties through these connections landing in Curaçao, access to the internet, access to Data center hosting capacity, providing peering services at the Internet Exchange Points (IXP’s), ICT services, general & specific Content services and Cloud services within its available product and service offerings.
CI-NAP is organizing and establishing a Network of IXP's, data centers and Internet Network Access Point (I-NAP) in- and outside of Curaçao that can provide several countries in the Caribbean with a viable option to their existing internet connections, access the internet through these I-NAPS.
Through the international subsea fiber optic cables, microwave links, satellite links and the Internet=NAP's, IXP's and data centers our customers can gain access to the wholesale offerings such as internet IP capacity, peering at the IXP and subsea fiber-optic cables networks connectivity to other destinations if so desired.  All the ICT services, multimedia, content and cloud services will also be available at the I-NAPS.


We conduct advisory and support activities in sectors such as technical compliance for service provision by networks, configuration of technical networks, provisioning of services at affordable rates, conduct necessary activities for obtaining licenses for international internet connectivity, conduct quality measurements of the internet services and perform commissioning of Telecom Networks, Internet networks and subsea Fiber- optic communications Cable networks.

  1. CI-NAP P.L.C. offers internet connection through various internet exchange points in several countries and provides connectivity through subsea cables in the region.<br/>CI-NAP operates as seller or reseller of connectivity, content CDN, internet and ICT services.
  2. CI-NAP provides internet content and programming by streaming multimedia (video), promotes the use of internet Cloud services and ICT services.
  3. CI-NAP B.V offers a diverse selection of specialties such as:
    Advisory, engineering in the technical aspects of design and configuration of networks, also support Services in the field of ICT Telecom, Connectivity Data centers and IXP Technology and compliance with Regulation.
  4. Provides services comprising license application and acquisition, fulfillment of applications requirements such as feasibility studies, technical studies and administrates requirements and support in execution and implementation of the license conditions.
  5. Providing support services in implementing of compliance requirements for Telecom/ICT Internet networks and their related services.
  6. Providing a wide-range of technical, operational, financial and legal solutions for Wireless and Fixed Telecom networks and Internet related infrastructures;
  7. Advise and support on Implementing ICT solutions for the rapid development in the ICT and Technology sector;
    •    Development of ICT Master Plans and Policy Papers;
    •    Fostering security solutions for implementing e-Services and e-Gaming applications;
    •    Reorganizing your ICT infrastructure to be able to carry the new ICT services;
    •    Advise on adoption of Innovation and latest developments in the ICT sector.


The company CI-NAP aims:
The construction, maintenance and operation of (public or private) wireless and fixed access networks and procurement of capacity and connectivity in existing and new submarine fiber optic cable systems for telecommunications networks, cable television networks, and data and Internet networks to build international links between land Curaçao and different destinations abroad in order to offer from Curaçao Internet IP data capacity, or as "Transit capacity" to overseas destinations, either as capacity and to Curaçao and in the broadest sense.
The construction, maintenance and operation of Internet Exchange points (IXP’s), Data centers, Network Access Points(NAP’s) into providing peering services, access to content providers CDN’s, ICT services and Internet access.
The international connections are built by construction and use of own or third party transmission capacity of transmission capacity (eg, authorization holders, licensees and concessionaires) that pass through including: satellite communications, microwave links, fiber-optic "land based" submarine transmission cables and fiber-optic transmission cable networks, etc.