The mission of CI-NAP P.L.C. is to offer solutions in developing, updating, upgrading, modernizing and improving your existing internet and telecom-infrastructure in terms of quality, penetration, accessibility; develops and attracts internet content, CDN, ICT services and ICT applications;

organizes, deploys, maintains and operates Internet Exchange Points (IXP’s) and Data center; provides connectivity and access to the global internet via NAP’s by means of organizing, installing, procurement of connectivity capacity in existing and new subsea  fiber-optic cables, configures technical solutions and least cost routing for reasonably pricing. The upgrading, updating and modernizing the Telecom and Internet networks will result into provisioning of the highest quality of internet at Global standards.
CI-NAP provides tailor-made solutions to implement, encourage, foster and stimulate the wide use of internet services, innovations and applications on short term that will set the opportunity for further developments and economic growth.
CI-NAP also provides specific ICT- services and solutions to ISP’s, telecom operators,  authorities, end-users that use the internet as important tool to conducted their business and that stimulate and promote efficiency in their operations in their respective countries.
With the experience we have obtained throughout the years, we can guide your organization with a re-organizational plan along with the training of your personnel, in order for you to comply with the regulatory framework requirements and conditions applicable in your environment.