CI-NAP P.L.C. has a goal to stimulate and adopt innovation in the field of telecom, promotes usage of ICT tools in all sectors of society, develop and facilitate ICT and internet content, design and provides Engineering and Business solutions in acquiring Capacity on international internet

networks (subsea fiber optic cable, satellite communications), design, install and/or procure internet core and access (fixed and wireless) networks.

CI-NAP B.V. also implements effective business solutions in existing and new Telecom/ICT-infrastructures and ICT and CDN services and applications.

Based on the extensive experience and knowledge of CI-NAP P.L.C.'s staff in the field of implementing and executing projects related to internet, ICT, Telecom, capacity and content, we can assure our clients and their providers that we are the one stops business to upgrade and update your current internet status into one that is on a global level.

CI-NAP has the experience, know how and network contacts for providing advice, support and project management to authorities and internet providers in respective countries into providing high quality, high down- and upload speed, improve penetration for internet by providing realistic and affordable business solutions into obtaining this goal on short term.

We also engineer, procure, construct and provide support into developing affordable, high-end and high quality connectivity for transport and IP-delivery on access networks directly to businesses and end-users of these internet networks.