Telecom and ICT

Development of ICT landscapes and procurement of international connections and connectivity to provide Telecommunications, television broadcasting and radio broadcasting streaming services;

Data, Internet and IT application services (e-commerce, e-health, e-Government, ect), mostly to customers in betting abroad, in the broadest sense. The telecommunications services, multimedia services, data and Internet services and ICT services are almost entirely destined for abroad range in bet with a small share of local supply, taking into account current laws and legislation including civil law, tax law and commercial area.
Provide local access via (fixed and wireless) networks and core networks to high capacity and high speed internet to business and customers. Make content from CDN available and accessible onto IXP’s and Data centers.

ICT Services we provide:
• Design & Implementation of cost effective Telecom & ICT Infrastructure and Services;
• Commercialization of your company thru ICT;
• Develop an economic impact study, Business Plan and Visibility study for your ICT Network;
• Infrastructure enabling and broadband growth;
• Local Peering guaranteed to provide optimum connectivity;
• Key regulatory policy ingredients such as cost modeling and interconnection policies;
• Identifying potential business opportunities and challenges;
• Develop ICT policies to guarantee growth in this sector;
• Monitoring, Measuring and problem solving for Frequency interference, capacity requirements, coverage, signal optimization, quality of transmission;
• Establish a regulatory framework to strengthen your strategic position and competitiveness in the region.