International IP / Internet Connectivity, IXP's, Data Centers

CI-NAP provides access to the internet by means of connectivity to and from Curacao and to and from Florida USA

via various subsea fiber optic cable networks, that guarantees excellent IP internet, lower latency, higher upload and download speed, more IP capacity and the best competitive wholesale prices per Mega Bits available for the IP internet in the Caribbean Region.

BROADBAND INTERNET CONNECTIVITY through several (9) submarine fiber optic cable accessible in CURACAO ensuring Capacity, Quality of service and Alternative route and redundancy. Several Islands are interconnected to Curacao to get access to the Global Internet content providers.

The hosting of data and peering (interconnect) of various ISPs and content providers with each other in order to exchange information and data with each other and offering internet data, telecommunications and multimedia services in the broadest sense; the hosting of data storage, hosting of domain names (.com, .cw, .nl, and other ianden), registration of domain names, business servers, collocation and cloud servers, "reselling" hosting; offering VOIP, email, websites, services to the users of the data centers and internet exchanges; Cloud solutions, cybersecurity and protection of stored data, providing redundancy and backup facilities to foreign clients of data and ICT services; offering "streaming" multimedia (video, internet, audio, messaging, ect) services, ICT services from local and foreign content providers, in the broadest sense.

Provide advice, support and services in the sectors of telecommunications, IT, data centers,internet exchange relating to the development and promotion of the above sectors and all related services and providing support services in the implementation of innovation, efficiency and solutions in the telecommunications, ICT, Data Centers and Internet Exchanges in the broadest sense.

Managing the regulatory process in the appropriate technical, legal, economic and financial system projects, obtaining licenses for broadband connectivity through subsea fiber-optic cable, mobile and fixed wireless broadband connectivity.