Cyber Security services we provide:
Establish and Organizing of private CERT’s (Cyber Emergency Response Team);


  1. Coordination of national incident handling;
  2. Protection of critical infrastructures;
  3. Training and awareness program for IT dept.;
  4. International Point of Contact for other CERTs;
  5. IT Security Policies for the national network infrastructure;
  6. Provide international contacts and networking for a functional and effective CERT;
  7. Advisory Services on protecting your network against:
      - PGP Encryption;  - DNS Sec;  - Phishing;  - BOT Nets; - SPAM;

Lock and Monitoring of internet network;

•    Establish and Organizing point of contact to ease the cyber security threats;
•    Prevent by awareness and implementation of measures, Detect, Analyze, Alert and Resolve;
•    Recovery by contingency of lost data;
•    Monitoring Services for your network against malware;
•    Awareness by training and education.