Data Centers and ISP's

The construction, maintenance and management of Data Centers and Internet Exchange (IX) data switching stations; Engineer and determine the use of the required Internet capacity between data centers and Internet exchanges and with the foreign destinations;

the establishment of wireless microwave links or local fiber optic cable connections and local circuits between Data Centers and Internet Exchange Points serving mutual ("backhaul") coupling purposes and for the data transfer between Data Centers, Internet Exchanges with the existing international submarine fiber optic cable systems, Microwave or other international connections via Satellite; connecting local data internet networks and Internet service providers (ISPs) and content providers with the data centers and Internet Exchanges in the broadest sense.
Provide hosting and peering services that assures quality of internet to the interconnected networks and ISP.
CI-NAP in close collaboration with different IXP’s, CDN’s and internet connectivity providers are important as building blocks in establishing a NAP(Network Access Point) for the Global Internet in Curacao as an viable and reliable option for accessing the internet for neighboring Caribbean and Latin American Countries. This as an alternative into accessing the global internet through the NAP’s Miami, USA.

Renewable Energy
• Large Scale Distributed Energy;
o For large scale systems we specialize in the following: Solar Energy (Solar Collector & PV), Biomass, Biofuel & Wind Power.
o We also give advisory and support services for implementation in the most effective grid tide connection standards and also for reasonable feed in tariffs in production.
• Determine distributed production variables for renewable sources and cost;
• Determine optimal product mix between fossil fuels and renewables;
• Inspection of renewable installations before commissioning;
• Training and certification of installers;a